Who is Sienan?

Sienan wants to introduce some good place in Japan for very visitor from outside of Japan.

Sienan has lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for over 20 years and owns an auto repair shop. 

I was a mechanic in Japan and majored in foreign cars, so English was a must for me, but I was too lazy to study it, so I quit my job and came to Canada to better my English.

I was supposed to return to Japan after a year of working holiday to perfect my English, but my English was not perfect no matter how long it took.

I am enjoying my life in Canada. 

But recently I like to go back to Japan for my retiring life for where I like to live in Japan again and have to know what to have and where it is good before i live in Japan.

Now I decided to travel the whole of Japan to find out where is best to spend rest of my life.

So before I start travel I like to save up money and study about Japan more deeply.

Thank you for leading my profile.

enjoy my Blogs and if you can purchase the product through my site much appreciate it.